Walking in Their Shoes

Preventing Youth Suicide

Ycare seeks to empower young persons affected by mental health challenges to recover and live well and prevent youth suicide. Walking in Their Shoes is an immersive exhibition that features the stories of five amazing individuals, whose life journeys were changed by youth mental health challenges and suicidality.

You will be invited to walk in the footsteps of three young persons who have survived their experiences, a mother who lost her child, and a young person who lost a friend. The five verbatim stories depict the diversity of perspectives.

As a community, we can do more to prevent the next youth suicide. Ycare poses a central question to each of us, “Why care?”

Ycare: Walking in Their Shoes is part of the Elephant in Our Community public education campaign on mental health and suicide prevention by Shan You. It was developed and produced in collaboration with Singapore Repertory Theatre.

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Ycare @ One Punggol
Immersive Exhibition
May 13, 2023 13:30
May 13, 2023 15:30
Group Conversation & Sharing
May 13, 2023 15:30
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The content from the stories of ‘Gabriella’, ‘Anna’, ‘Frost’, ‘Resilience’ and ‘Jessie Marie’ contains narratives about mental health and suicidality that are based on the lived experiences of 5 individuals. Any ideas, whether expressed or implied from the stories, do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Shan You and Singapore Repertory Theatre. Informed consent has been obtained from the 5individuals to feature their lived experiences in Ycare: WITS. Pseudo-names have been used with their consent and no identifying information has been published to protect the privacy of the individuals. Shan You andSingapore Repertory Theatre do not recommend or endorse any mental health or medical professionals, opinions, views, or other information that may be mentioned in Ycare: WITS.

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As a community, we can do more to prevent the next youth suicide.

We seek your support to bring Ycare: Walking in Their Shoes to the community. Shan You plans to reach out to more young persons living with mental health challenges and their families through community outreach events and online programmes via the ycare.sg microsite.

We know that together we can engage young people in this vital conversation; highlighted in a safe and sensitive way through storytelling to punctuate the importance of speaking up, sharing, and shining a spotlight on the de-stigmatisation of mental health issues in Singapore. We hope to empower young persons affected by mental health challenges to recover and live well and prevent youth suicide. Your generous donation will help to expand the scale and reach of the project.

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